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Luxury Lodging Suites
Cowboy Kennels proudly offers Luxury Lodging Suites. You are able to view your pet(s) via an internet camera with 24/7 access. Each suite is 4'x7' and offers a wonderful view of a colorful mural and signature bedding.

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Serengeti Safari

Statue of Liberty

You have the option to choose from 8 scenes to include: Ocean view, Under the sea, Lighthouse, Statue of Liberty, Enchanted castle, Serengeti Safari, or Solar System.

Your pet will sleep comfortably on a Kuranda raised bed with soft bedding. Also included in your pets stay is 3 outside playtimes, an evening treat, and a full bath to include ears and nails on the day your companion departs our facility.

Kennel Cams for Registered Guests
(userid and password required)

   0) Royalty Room
   1) Ocean View
   2) Under the Sea
   3) Lighthouse Scene
   4) Statue of Liberty
   5) Enchanted Castle
   6) Eiffel Tower
   7) Serengeti Safari
   8) Solar System
   9) Texas Hillcountry


Here is the camera screen as you would see it on the internet. Click to see larger.

You can move the camera up, down, left, and right, and even increase the size.

When you select the camera, a new window will appear, and you will be asked to login. Once the screen is up, it will refresh about every 30 seconds. Note that dogs need a good nights sleep also, so it will be dark at night.

We also offer 2 separate Luxury Lodging Suites: one is the Royalty room, which is 4'x7' and is enclosed for pets that do better without the sounds of the open kennels. The other is our Extra Large Texas Hill-Country run which is 6'x7' and the bed is 6' long. Both suites also offer internet access and the same amenities as mentioned above.

Eiffel Tower

Royalty Room

Ocean View

Under the Sea

Texas Hillcountry

Lighthouse Scene

Enchanted Castle

Solar System

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